All Saints Preschool

About Us

Love. Respect. Nurture. Grow.


Educational Philosophy

All Saints Preschool provides quality educational services, with trained Early Childhood Educators presented in a Christian environment of love and mutual respect.

The developmentally based curriculum gives children opportunities to grow socially, emotionally, physically and cognitively at their own rates and in an atmosphere where they can feel comfortable, happy and successful. We believe that all children are born ready to learn, environments matter, relationships are influential and communication is critical.

We strive to ensure that children feel welcome from the moment they walk into their classrooms.


All Saints Preschool follows The Creative Curriculum and incorporates thematic units developed by teachers. While activities are teacher planned and implemented, we also encourage children to share ideas or experiences that may take the curriculum in a new direction. This new direction may be different than the teacher had originally planned, but we believe that it is important to explore and follow the interests of the children. All units will mirrior the state of Ohio's Content Learning Standards.


All Saints offers many enrichment opportunities.

  • Yoga

  • Spanish

  • Music

  • Preschool Chapel

  • Librarian visits

  • Possible zoo and/or farm animal visits

  • Visits from Community programs, which are determined each year

Family Events

All Saints Preschool offers many opportunities for parents to get involved/volunteer in the classroom. Parents and family members are encouraged to visit the classroom at any time. Throughout the school year parents/family members are invited to attend Preschool Pals, Family Night, Art Show and enf of the year classroom celebrations.


We offer a peanut-free environment. Children who have peanut allergies cannot be exposed to any peanut products. Surprisingly, peanuts are a common food ingredient, so we ask parents to check the ingredients listed on prepared food packages. Also, in addition to peanuts or peanut products, please do not send grapes, cookies, marshmallows, candy or popcorn as a snack.


Children in our program provide the snack for classmates on a rotating basis. We try hard to reinforce good nutritional habits as stated in the U.S. Department of Agriculture Child and Adult Care Food Program guidelines and as recommended by the NAEYC Accreditation Criteria for Health Standard. Click here to download our safe snack list.


For easy distribution and cleanliness, snacks should be individually wrapped. Commercially prepared packaged foods in factory sealed containers work well.


Nutritional Guidelines

When choosing a healthy snack, please try to choose from the fruit, grain and vegetable food groups.



We enjoy celebrating birthdays with each of our children by singing “Happy Birthday” and giving the child a crown or badge to wear. The birthday child blows out candles on a “fake cake”. To be consistent with and to promote healthy food practices, we ask parents not send cake, cupcakes or cookies.


Communicable Disease and Illness Policy

At All Saints Preschool, at least one person on site who will observe the children daily is trained in the prevention, recognition and management of communicable disease. The Ohio Department of Health's "Child Care Communicable Disease Chart" is posted in the director's office. All staff members are trained in proper hand washing procedures. Universal precautions are used to prevent the spread of communicable disease. All children are required to be current on immunizations as recommended by the Center for Disease Control. If a parent has a concern regarding communicable disease, he/she should discuss this with the director. Additional information on All Saints communicable disease and illness policy can be found on page 4 of the parent handbook.